Do you know the unique affordable engagement rings

How much do you know about picking the right engagement ring? When it comes to the diamond that goes on your engagement monogram ring, there are 4Cs you need to know.

Do you know the unique affordable engagement rings

Popular cuts


Round is the most popular shape and best highlights the diamond’s quality.  


Princess cuts are popular amongst modern brides. It is frequently accompanied with smaller stones. 


Couples looking for a more vintage style ring, cushion cut might be the one for you. It is usually square or rectangular with rounded corners and has a “puffy”appearance, hence the name cushion.


Emerald cut rings not only showcase its excellent clarity, but it can make it the ring seem larger than it actually is due to its elongated shape.


Oval cuts complements long, lean fingers.

Unique cuts


Similar to emerald or princess cuts, Asscher is an alternative to make a sophisticated statement. Asscher cut diamonds are usually deeper than common cuts to best showcase it's quality.


Marquise cut is a popular style for traditional and modern designs. It is also more affordable as compared to round cuts because the cut can be made around flaws.


Pear cut rings are very feminine and delicate. It is the combination of classic round shape and sharpened end of a marquise. 


Heart cuts are the most unique cut as compared to the rest. The message of a heart cut is the ultimate symbol of love. 


Radiant cut is properly proportioned so it maximizes the diamond carats. Unlike princess cut, they don’t have delicate corners so they are more durable.

Do you ever hear someone ask, “how many carats is that?” The person is not asking how many vegetables the person bought, but are asking how big is the diamond. Carat refers to the size and weight of the diamond. The bigger the diamond, the more it's worth.  

Clarity is the pureness of the stone based

  • 1. Size: The larger or more noticable of internal flaws (inclusions), the lower the clarity grade.  
  • 2. Number: The number of flaws that can easily be seen, not the number of total flaws.
  • 3. Position: The position of the flaw is very important. Is it in a very visible place? Position turns inclusions into reflectors that will significantly affect clarity grade.
  • 4. Nature: The nature of the flaw; if it’s an internal or external flaw. Internal flaws cannot graded as flawless.
  • 5. Color and relief: Color and relief is how much contrast there is between the characteristic and surround diamond. 

Color refers to the color of the gem. The more saturated the color is, the more valuable the stone is. This is also where pricing varies because it’s considering how rare the color is.

Engagement rings are given as a way to ask for one’s hand in marriage, while the wedding ring is exchanged during the wedding to make things official between two people to spend the rest of their lives together. Engagement cheap promise rings are more extravagant and has a diamond in the center of the ring. Wedding rings can be worn with their engagement rings, but they are more simple as compared to engagement rings. Since tradition meant for there to be two custom birthstone rings, when buying rings, it is important that the wedding band matches the engagement ring. There’s nothing more chaotic than wearing mismatched rings for the rest of your life. However, it is not absolute to follow the tradition to have two best friend rings. 

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