How do mood rings work and Mood rings color meanings

Mood rings were first created in 1975 by a jeweler who was skilled in the art of gemstones. He was known as mood ring creator and his identity remains unknown. The rings were popularized by a song written by Tony Orlando and Dawn from 1970 called “Mood Ring”.

In the beginning, these mood rings were only available in jewelers' stores. Later on, they became available to buyers internationally through different retail outlets such as department stores and over the counter jewelry shops. In 1978, the inventor was granted a patent for his creation.

Mood rings are designed to help people identify their emotional state by measuring the wearer’s body heat.

The user would place their ring on the back of their hand, then observe it carefully. This is because most mood rings are translucent and the color will change depending on what color your skin is. The mood ring is also made out of a variety of materials that reflect light or change color depending on what kind of light you're standing in front of.

When a person's body heat increases, the color of the gem changes. The gem will turn blue when it is cold, then green as it warms up. The ring will turn red when the person is aroused. Mood rings are not made to be an exact science, but rather used as a guide for people to learn more about themselves and how they react to their environment.

A mood ring's color is designed to match the wearer's body temperature, with the idea that the emotions people are feeling will change their body temperature.

Red: Red is usually associated with passion, arousal, and energy. It's also connected with anger and aggression especially when people are going through emotional highs.

Green: Green is typically seen as a sign of growth and renewal. This color relates to calmness and tranquility when someone is feeling good about themselves or their situation.

Yellow: Yellow is seen as warm, sunny, enthusiastic, or joyful but also as sickly sweet or sickly sweet such as in cake.

The color of your mood ring is an indication of how you are feeling at that particular moment. Read on to find out what your mood ring color means.

Mood ring color chart

Black = Tense, Nervous
Gray = Anxious
Amber = Mixed Emotions, Unsettled
Green = Normal, Average
Blue Green = Somewhat Relaxed
Blue = Calm, Lovable

Violet = Happy, Romance

PLEASE NOTE: Mood jewelry is not designed to get wet. Water will damage the colour changing layer inside the ring over time. Please remember to take it off whilst washing your hands, and don't wear it whilst showering, swimming or washing up.

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