Does Sterling Silver Tarnish?

The sterling silver jewelry has been favored by young people in recent years, and the silver jewelry industry presents a hot and popular phenomenon. The main reason is that the silver jewelry is fashionable, diversified, and affordable. Women who love beauty and fashion usually own one or two pieces of sterling silver jewelry cheap custom name necklace. However, many of you troubled by the fact that sterling silver products easily react with sulfur in the air, causing the phenomenon of blackening, yellowing and even shedding. So, how do we maintain our beloved sterling silver jewelry? First of all, we need to understand why sterling silver tarnish.

Does Sterling Silver Tarnish

There are several factors that usually cause sterling silver to turn black and yellow:

  • The sterling silver jewelry you wear is not real silver, it may be a silver-plated product, or it may be a product with little silver content. After wearing for a long time, the silver on the surface of the sterling silver jewelry falls off, which will lead to blackening and yellowing.
  • The sterling silver cheap personalized necklaces jewelry you wear is real silver, and turning black and yellow is a normal oxidation phenomenon. As silver reacts chemically with sulfur in the air for a long time, black silver sulfide is formed. It will cause sterling silver jewelry to gradually turn black and yellow.

  • The silver jewelry worn is related to the physical fitness of some people. Some people have too much acid in their bodies, or they are sick. Some women's cosmetics, perfumes and sweat can cause the appearance of silver jewelry to be corroded. It has become what we call silver defilement or silver mold, which seriously affects the bright and beautiful appearance of sterling silver customized name necklace cheap.

Knowing several factors that cause silver jewelry to turn black and yellow, can there be a way to protect it?

  • If the surface oxidation of sterling silver is not very serious, you can wipe it with a silver cloth. Wipe off the chemical composition of silver oxide on the surface of the silver jewelry, or apply lipstick on clean cotton cloth to wipe. 
  • Apply the correction fluid to the silver jewelry, and wipe the silver ornament with a cloth before the correction fluid is dry.
  • Use toothpaste and toothbrushes to scrub the sterling silver personalized necklaces cheap jewelry.
  • Wash with silver washing liquid. Put the sterling silver ornaments in the silver washing liquid and soak for several minutes, then rinse with water, and dry them until there is no moisture.
  • Use a silver wiping stick (the silver wiping stick is polishing on one side and buffing on the other) to polish off the part that turns black and yellow custom name necklace cheap. It will be the same as the new one and will increase the brightness.
  • If the silver jewelry is not worn, clean it and put it in an airtight bag. This isolates the oxygen in the air, and it will definitely not turn black and yellow.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that many people always think that the silver customizable best friend necklaces jewelry turns black to indicate that they are unhealthy. This is a somewhat biased view. As long as we do the above mentioned points, we can significantly reduce the phenomenon of sterling silver tarnish, so that to keep your sterling silver jewelry shiny.

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