Gold Plated Jewelry and Gold Filled Jewelry

Wrapped gold jewelry

Pure gold jewelry and K gold jewelry have the same metal composition in any part, while wrapped gold jewelry is two or more kinds of metal that are forged together, wrapped with each other, and the metal composition is different in different parts. Its surface is covered with gold, while its interior is copper and silver.





Gold-plated jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry is a layer of gold on the surface of jewelry with copper as the fetus, but the plating is generally thin, about 3-5um. This gold-plated jewelry is bright and soft, but not durable. It is as easy to wear as a gold-plated strap. It will expose the brass and appear dim yellow. This kind of gold-plated jewelry is relatively easy to identify. Carefully observe whether there is a place where gold is plated at the junction of the jewelry or the depressions at the edges and corners. Furthermore, it has a small density, usually there is no mark or sometimes the GP logo is printed.


Gold filled jewelry

Gold-filled jewelry is a layer of gold foil on copper or silver. The thickness of the gold foil is between 10 and 50um. Because the thickness of foil in gold-filled jewelry is thicker than gold plated, its appearance is similar to gold jewelry. This type of gold-filled jewelry is marked with KF in the United States. If the gold foil is ISK gold, the 18 KF mark is printed on the inside of the jewelry.


Gilding jewelry

Gilding is an ancient gold-plating process, which is a thick mixture of gold and mercury that is evenly applied to jewelry of lower value such as copper and silver, and then baked at low temperature. Mercury evaporates when heated, and gold is deposited on the surface of copper, which is then flattened and polished. At present, this method has been rarely used. Because the surface of the wrapped gold jewelry has a thin layer of gold, it is deceptive, but it still retains the characteristics of copper products.


Precautions for wearing gold plated jewelry

  • 1. Because it is gold-plated, it is plated on the outer surface, try not to cause friction, so as not to rub off the surface.
  • 2. It is best not to wear it when washing your face or bathing, avoid direct contact with acidic and alkaline substances such as soapy water.
  • 3. Try not to touch the cosmetics, because the chemical ingredients in the cosmetics will make your gold-plated jewelry tarnished and faded.
  • 4. Don't store all kinds of jewelry in the same drawer or jewelry box at random, because the hardness of various gems and metals is different, which will cause wear due to friction between each other. The hardware is not oxidized if the surface is all plated with gold, because gold is an inert metal. But if you accidentally scratch the plating to expose it, it will oxidize. Gold-plated are electroplated, avoid contact with toiletries. Avoid the unnecessary wear and tear to reduce the life of gold-plated jewelry.

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