How to choose the chain length?

There are too many necklace styles. How to choose the one that suits you best? First of all, in the key "length", there can be no carelessness. Different necklace lengths are the iconic elements involved in determining the overall style of the necklace. Choosing the right name necklace chain length is the first step in choosing the right necklace.


When wearing a necklace, you should choose to wear only one necklace, unless the long necklace is folded into multiple circles. There are also secrets in matching the length of the necklace. Generally, short necklaces of about 40 cm are paired with low-necked tops; medium-length necklaces of about 50 cm have no excessive requirements for wearing, and long chains are suitable for solemn occasions or wear it as a sweater chain in winter.


When you are a man and wear a necklace, you need to look at the matching of the necklace and the clothing. For example, the formal dress should not be exposed or it will not look very high-grade.

Collar Collar (length 30cm)

Three or more 30cm necklaces are worn side by side, close to the neck, and have a luxurious Victorian feel. They are ideal for a v-neck, boat neck, or strapless evening dress.

Short Necklace (length 41cm)

A 41cm pearl necklace is the most practical length and hangs just above the collar. The variety of classic styles and USES makes it suitable not only for daily life but also for dinner wear. Daily work, the skirt of gentle shirts, style, go up again the pearl necklace that has the perfect length, elegant and intellectual. This length is suitable for most people. Many young girls like this necklace. In fact, it is the first pearl necklace in many girls' life.

Princess Type (length 45cm)

The chain length of the princess type necklace is about 45cm, which is a little longer than that of the short necklace. It hangs down slightly below the round neckline. It can just form a "V" line on the front, which sets off a good collar line. It also works well with a low neckline and a more exaggerated neckline. 45cm pearl necklace is considered to be the most classic length among pearl necklaces. If you are not sure what length is right for you, choosing 45cm will be your wisest choice. 

Matinee type (length 58cm)

A pearl necklace is about 58cm in length. It is longer than the princess but slightly shorter than the opera necklace. This length is ideal for matching a high neckline with a shorter neck. For petite women, the necklace creates layers that stretch the vision. Additional, wear the necklace of this type, the color of the dress should be downier, adornment also shoulds not be too much. Suitable for informal occasions or business activities. Best match with high collar, can neutralize high collar too formal element, increase affinity. Martini pearl necklaces are also great with long suspenders and long dresses. It gives the wearer a sense of luxury and confidence.

Moderate Length(length 76cn)

Necklace chain with a length of 76cm: between 61cm-91cm, wrapped around the neck or chest to show a stylish feeling. It can be worn with high-necked clothing as a single-layer necklace or wrapped into a fashionable double-layer short chain. The traditional way of wearing is to match evening wear, people are now trying to use it to show fresh fashion with casual wear.

Opera (length 91cm)

The length that hangs down is right in the middle of the chest, which also creates good layering. Opera necklace can also be wound into two strings of short necklaces, to achieve a different effect. At the same time, this length of necklaces is suitable for all kinds of necklines. There is a variety of wear methods, can tie-in gao dai has wrapped a circle, also can wrap two circles to become fashionable collar model of necklace, also can tie a knot in collar or chest upper part, at present this kind of a bit restoring ancient ways element is becoming a kind of fashion. In the past, operatic pearl necklaces could only be worn with a formal dress, but now it is a new fashion to wear them with informal casual clothes.

Rope Type (length 120cm and above)

This type allows you to choose different wearing styles. Elegant and sexy long necklaces are suitable for various dinner parties. It can be wound into two or three short necklaces to create a layered sense. Knot it in front of the chest, the extreme luxury temperament is even more prominent.

Basic principles of matching necklaces and collars:


Although there is no set rule for what necklace to wear with what neckline, from the perspective of basic matching, there are still some things to pay attention to.


The bottom of the necklace should not be connected with the neckline. This short style chain that rubs against the neckline is unaesthetic and makes people feel awkward.


In addition, the distance between the necklace and the neckline should not be too far. If you can't handle it well, you can refer to these illustrations.

We offer some different necklace chain length guide for you to choose when ordering 14" , 16", 18", 20", 22". But you should take some steps to confirm what size do you like best.

  • Firstly you should decide where you would like the name necklace to reach your collar bone, maybe on your upper chest. Perhaps you like it to reach to loosely on your lower chest…

  • Secondly, you should take a string and measure the necklace length you want ( Please note that the chain lengths mentioned at our site do not include the pendant height).

  • The size of the pendant depending on the name and style you choose ( so the average pendant height is 0.8cm -3cm (0.31“-1.18”) and the average pendant wide is 3cm -4.5cm (1.18"-1.77").

  • So the total length of necklaces would be the name pendant length with the chain length you have chosen.

  • For example, if you order a monogram necklace with an 18” chain, the total length of the name necklace would be 19.18“.


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