How to polish Silver Jewelry?


Silver jewelry is one of people's favorite jewelry all the time, but many people encounter silver blackening in the process of wearing silver. Why is that? How to deal with silver blackening?


How to polish Silver JewelrySince the birth of human civilization, gold and silver ornaments have always been the symbols of wealth and status. Because of the high value of gold necklace with name, the popularity of silverware is relatively high. Although silverware does not seem to have characteristics in terms of color, the reflectivity of silver to visible light is still quite high compared to other metals. For more than 90% reflectivity, "silver glitter" is not an exaggeration. 


Can silver act the role of testing poison? Can you use silverware to prove that your body is "detoxifying"? In the Song Dynasty, there was a highly skilled forensic doctor called Song Ci. He clearly recorded the case of "silver needle autopsy" in "Collected Cases of Injustice Rectified". Therefore, the saying that "silver can test poison" is also circulating in the private sector. However, we must know that the poison that the ancients said mainly refers to arsenic. The technology of making poison in ancient times is still relatively backward, so the arsenic contains some sulfur or sulfides. These substances can react with silver to form a black "silver sulfide" on the surface, which is very conspicuous. But in modern times, the technology for producing arsenic can be said to be very mature, and there will be no more sulfur mixed, so it will not react with silver any more. It can be seen that the term "silver can detect poison" is completely wrong now!


How to polish and maintain silver jewelry that turns black?


In the past, this problem was not easy to solve. There are few kinds of common metals that are more resistant to corrosion than silver. It is even rarer to have high reflectivity like silver personalized mothers rings. So in order to overcome this shortcoming of silver, the most common treatment method is to make silver alloy. Therefore, the most common silver ornaments on the market are 92.5% silver (that is 925 silver), which is relatively not easy to blacken. After being processed into an alloy, the hardness of the silverware is also effectively improved.


There is a way to clean the silver photo necklace jewelry, which allows us to enjoy the beauty of silver again. It just need an aluminum container and a little salt water. Due to the strong adhesion between silver sulfide and the substrate, the most appropriate way is to let silver personalized birthstone necklace sulfide reduction, the degree of loss of silver will be reduced, and aluminum is an excellent reducing agent. Nowadays, aluminum pans are not very common, but cans are everywhere. Cut it open, strip it of its interior coating, and stick it tightly to the silver, then put it in a concentrated brine. A wonderful electrochemical reaction makes the “black silver” white again. Therefore, knowing a little science can not only know the beauty of these silver ornaments, but also be useful for the selection of more ideal silver ornaments. 


There is another simpler way to clean the slightly darkened silverware, which is to use toothpaste. In the choice of toothpaste, it is recommended that you buy a transparent, jelly-like gel toothpaste. Do not use toothpaste containing particles, which may damage the surface of the silverware.

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