March Birthstone - Aquamarine

The form of aquamarine: "Aqua" means Water, "Marine" means Ocean. You can see how aptly the name of this gem corresponds to its color. If you love the blue sky and the sea, then it is natural that you will fall in love with aquamarine. In mineralogy, aquamarine, emerald and beryl are known as davidsonite. Although the preciousness of aquamarine is not as precious as emerald, the aquamarine has a romantic ocean-like color, and is also reminiscent of the blue sky. The transparent to translucent blue gem can soothes the mind.




March Birthstone - AquamarineAquamarine has long been loved by people. The world's most famous aquamarine is produced in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil; followed by Russia, China and other regions. As a long-established gem, aquamarine also has some historical legends intertwined with expectations and superstition. It is considered a symbol of happiness and youthfulness forever. Aquamarine is sky-blue to sea-blue, when illuminated by night light, aquamarine can shine even more brightly than during the day, thus earning it the reputation of “Queen of Night Gem”. Try putting some colored gems, including aquamarine, in a dimly lit room, and you'll find that the relatively shiny one must be aquamarine!


According to legend, a group of beautiful mermaids in the bottom of the deep blue sea, they dress themselves up with aquamarine, and when it comes to a crucial moment, they can gain mysterious power by letting the precious stone be exposed to sunlight. Therefore, there is another name for aquamarine "Mermaid Stone", which coincides with the Pisces in March. Both east and west regard water as the source of life, and march is the time when all living things on earth begin to be active, so aquamarine with "water" property is defined as the birthstone of March, symbolizing calmness, courage and intelligence. Westerners generally believe that wearing aquamarine infinity heart ring can make people have a foresight. According to the legend of God of fortune stone, this beautiful gem is produced on the seabed and is the essence of sea water. Therefore, it is a voyager who prays that Poseidon will protect the safety of navigation and call it "God of fortune stone".


In addition to peace and security, aquamarine is also known as the "stone of love". People in the Mediterranean countries like to wear aquamarine so that they can have sweet love and maintain a happy marriage. Aquamarine is also an indispensable element of the luxury jewelry of famous jewelry brand, is one of the designer's favorite gemstone varieties. The sparkling color is presented in a fun and beautiful way in different styles, making the gem a unique piece of jewelry with a modern and highly inlaid design. There are many royal aristocrats in history who are very fond of aquamarine. They will put aquamarine in the crown and jewelry like March birthstone rings to attend important occasions.


Aquamarine is characterized by sky blue, sea blue, glass luster, less inclusions, clean and transparent. The main factors of the evaluation are color, transparency, clarity and weight. The one with deep color deep, flawless, and heavy weight is good. Most of the aquamarine is light blue with a slight greenish tint, and the color is like the shallow sea of the resort, fresh and pleasant. It is best to be bright and clean, bright blue to light blue.


Tips for buying aquamarine: Most of the aquamarine are not strong, so if the stone is too small, the color will not be displayed well. In the same color, the blue tone of the large gem will be much more colorful. The principle is similar to the color difference between the water in the washbasin and the water in the swimming pool. Excellent cutting can make the reflection of the blue of the gemstone stronger. If you have enough budget, it is highly recommended to buy a large aquamarine with bright blue color and excellent cut. Aquamarine is brittle, it is easy to crack under high temperature and fade under fire. Avoid collision and away from the source of fire when wearing.

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