September birthstone-sapphire

The September birthstone - sapphire, is a gem of autumn, known as the "stone of heaven". People born in September are born with the seeds of romance, they have a gentle personality and like to live in peace. Treating sapphire as a guiding stone in Eastern legends can protect the wearer from getting lost. 

Jewelry express the beautiful thing in the world of love, to deliver the love between the words "jewelry permanent, eternal love.


Sapphire, born with noble qualities, like the royal blues, noble, mysterious, authority, loyalty. Use it to oath of love, is the world's most grand, magnificent, discretion and authority of love declaration ceremony.

September birthstone sapphire


The deep and mysterious blue unique sapphire is both calm and clear, it attracts people deeply. Sapphire cheap custom name necklace has always been called a royal keepsake. Known as the emperor's sapphires, cornflower sapphire is considered the supreme noble jewelry.


Once a sapphire necklace of the Russian royal family, Queen Mary put it on a tiara. Still from the Russian royal family, after the death of Queen Mary, it was inherited by the Queen of England.


The symbol of the British royal family, just like the ancient Chinese emperor. The Queen of England wore a cornflower sapphire all her life. The Swedish royal family's precious suit, made of sapphires and diamonds, was a wedding gift from the  Swedish Queen Josephine.


British royal engagement and wedding initial rings are different from worldly traditions. They love diamonds and sapphires, especially cornflower sapphires.


Princess Diana wore an 18ct cornflower sapphire ring when she got married. This ring later became the engagement personalized birthstone ring for Princess Kate and Prince William. Prince William once said, "I want my mother attend this wedding in this way. Mom is a special person in my life, and now Kate is too. I want to connect them together by this way together." The happy marriage of the two generations of women was passed on through the cornflower sapphires.

Sapphire Jewelry

Traditionally, sapphire is considered blue, but it is not. Except for red corundum (ruby), other colors of corundum are collectively referred to as sapphire. Like fireworks, there are yellow, pink, black, orange and so on.

Gentle pink sapphire earrings: The sapphire-fixed plain gold part is exquisite, and the simple design hides the beauty of details.

The asymmetrically designed earring pendant is full of fashion and easy to match. It is dotted with 3 colors of gems (purple tanzanite, pink tourmaline and rose red sapphire) around the ears in autumn and winter, which adds charm. A natural gem pendant inspired by sunlight (olive crystal, pale yellow sapphire and deep yellow) makes the face look brighter.

Sapphire is called "the stone of the emperor". From ancient times to the present, Chinese and Western leaders have highly respected sapphire and decorated sapphire, diamonds and pearls on crowns and clothing.

A tail cheap promise ring inspired by sage gathered from small and lovely flower buds. Sapphire is dotted with diamonds, implying twinkling stars, as if the Venus shining in the sky, which is bright.

A monogram ring designed with the vivid frescoes of ancient Rome. Small precious stones (emeralds, rubies and sapphires) sparkle and brighten the surroundings of the hands.

Natural selection such as velvet sapphire, delicate cut into circular or elliptic, set in ring head, surrounded by exquisite diamond splendor. The ring is designed in the architectural style of the Byzantine court. Ring and ring set with smooth lines to highlight the outline of the building, whether the ring side or front, there is a classical art beauty. Add diamond setting, let ring whole is full of palace luxuriant and solemn feeling.


The necklace also comes from Byzantine court architecture. Draw inspiration from the window lattice of palace, church, window is in, let the form of necklace and design are united in wedlock design the pendant that gives 4 kinds of different flower type. Pendant central with water droplets form, pillow, the diamond and elliptic sapphire inlaid, like the eye of the noble and mysterious, and as a blue light through the window of the divine. Set all round full diamond, the bright ray that diamond sends out forms a circle of light rhyme, foil temperament when wearing feeling is solemn and noble.

Wherever you go, it is said that sapphire can protect people, and is called the "traveler's stone". It is said that Richard Burton, a famous explorer of the 9th century and the author of The Arabian Nights, has a huge starlight sapphire, which always brings good luck to him, even a glance at sapphire, everything he wants will come.

Last November, in the autumn that Sotheby's holds in Geneva, the bracelet that Cartier makes in 1927, the sapphire of class of royal blue enchased above (total weight reaches 47.07 carat), appraisal is about 14 million - 21 million, clinch a deal eventually price 43.21 million yuan.


In Christie's fall auction in Hong Kong in 2018, a necklace set with 21 top-quality royal sapphires weighed 109.08 carats and eventually sold for about 100 million yuan. It is said to take more than 100 years to find a matching sapphire.

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