Taromance star lucky necklace

After reading "Breakfast at Tiffany", you must have been very impressed by Hepburn's jewellery while looking at the window with envious eyes. It seems that women are inherently immune to jewelry.

Taromance star lucky necklace
To them, the lights that flash on the wrists and necks are like being enchanted, and they can have the right to be beautiful when they are brought.  

A high value engraved necklace that brings happiness to a woman, worth more than 10 lipsticks. This Valentine ’s Day, giving girls jewelry is definitely a bonus, but only if you pick the right one.

For example, this Taromance star lucky necklace from an independent design brand has a unique shape and beautiful design intent. The niche does not hit the model, let her fall in love at a glance, every time wears it, can think of you.

People are always curious about their future, so they talk about constellations and tarot cards, and use their hopes to build an imagination of life. The special designer ZOE was inspired by this design of this Taromance lucky custom name necklace.

Rather than saying it is a infinity name necklace, it is better to say that it is a talisman-as the design element of the main body of the necklace, Lucky star symbolizes "guardian" in the tarot card. The eight-pointed star also symbolizes the sun and can bring light and warmth to people. The eight-pointed star on the compass indicates the direction of the people at sea.

This Taromance star necklace is embossed on the front and cut out in two forms on the back. It has a unique rotating design with the meaning of transfer. The shining zircon in the middle is the light of your girlfriend in your eyes.

The secret of the tarot card in the my name necklace is of course not only that, in the choice of colors and materials, it is full of blessing power. It is all displayed in the "starry sky" under the eight star, divided into three colors.

White in the tarot cards traditionally represents innocence and chastity, and at the same time represents the source of everything and a unity, because white light contains all colors.

Corresponding to this, white mother-of-pearl, pearl mother-of-pearl, is used in the material, and many luxury brands have a soft spot for it. Each white mother-of-pearl flickers with a unique luster. Under the sun, pink, purple, white and blue are colorful, but it brings eternal beauty, purity is her words.

The green symbol of life, nature, abundance and growth is good luck and hope.
Malachite is in harmony with it, especially its colorful stripe pattern, making each piece a unique beauty. As early as thousands of years ago in Egypt, it has been regarded as a god stone to drive away evil.

Black symbolizes mystery and represents order and the universe. Black agate is its best interpretation.
Courage, objective detachment, promoting happiness, advancing good luck, avoiding fear ... it has too many good meanings on it.

The white mother-of-pearl and black agate name and birthstone necklace pendants are inlaid with a red corundum around the stars. The hot red color also symbolizes your sincere and steadfast feelings.
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