What's the meaning of ring on index finger


Rings are not just exclusive for couples. Single men and women who are catching up with fashion also have beautifully shaped single rings to wear, but don't make a mistake how you wear them.

What's the meaning of ring on index finger


For example, what does it mean to wear a ring on your left index finger? In order to avoid misunderstanding when wearing a cheap promise ring, you need to understand the meaning of wearing a ring on your index finger.


Usually when we meet a girl who makes us feel good, we all need to think about it for a while, in order to better determine whether she has a boyfriend or determine the timing of the confession. At this time you need to pay attention to how to wear the ring. Under normal circumstances, in addition to some more individual wearing methods, people still pay attention to wear the ring.


The meaning of the ring

The ring is worn on the left or right hand, the meaning is different. The left hand represents "marriage" and the right represents "be in love".


Engagement rings and wedding personalized birthstone rings should be worn on the left hand, while unmarried girls should be worn on the right hand, otherwise, many suitors will mistakenly believe that you are engaged or married.


The specific method of wearing the ring is as follows:

  • Left index finger: Unmarried; Right index finger: Single nobleman
  • Left middle finger: Engagement; Right middle finger: Fall in love with someone
  • Left ring finger: Married; Right ring finger: Be in love
  • Left pinky: Not marriage; Right pinky: Single
  • Thumbs: Power and confidence


The meaning of the tail initial rings:

To wear the small and simple ring on the little finger, a woman's hands are inexplicably cute. It generally means only want to be single now, "Please don't waste time pursuing me".


Why wear a ring on your ring finger?

Here is a wonderful physiological phenomenon. Bend your two hands downward and back to back together, and touch the tips of the other four fingers.

  • Please open your thumbs, the thumbs represent our parents;
  • Please close your thumbs and open your index finger, the index finger represents brothers and sisters;
  • Please close your index finger and then open the little finger, which represents the child;
  • Then, please close your little finger and try to open the ring finger, you can not open the ring finger, which represents husband and wife.


Notes on wearing a ring:

  • Rings suitable for different fingers. The ring worn on the index finger requires a three-dimensional shape. The monogram ring worn on the middle finger requires gorgeous and weight, which can give people a more formal and positive feeling. Wear the ring on your ring finger for an orthodox look. The ring worn on the little finger is suitable for cute and elegant appearance, because the little finger gives a feminine feel.
  • Rings suitable for different hands. Slender fingers are suitable for wide rings and big rings. Fat hands are suitable for wearing spiral-shaped rings, which can make the fingers slightly slimmer. Stubby hands can choose a streamlined ring. 

Although we agree that best friend rings are worn on different fingers to represent different emotional states, in fact, many people wear rings for good-looking, and do not care which finger to worn on the ring.

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