Why did your gold jewelry tarnish?

After wearing gold jewelry for a period of time, people found it change color or tarnished. Many people thought this is the fineness of gold jewelry insufficient. So they went to the store or the Consumers Association to complain, but it was told that the fading of gold personalized pet photo necklace jewelry is not the insufficient of fineness. The most common fading of gold jewelry is the appearance of white spots or whiteness on the surface of gold. In fact, the main reason for these white spots is that gold reacts with mercury. When gold meets mercury, a chemical reaction called Benson amalgam results in a new chemical called gold amalgam, which happens to be yellowish-white and stick to the surface of gold jewelry as if the color of gold has faded or created white spots. So you can prevent this by minimizing your exposure to gold and mercury. So, what are the reasons for this? What materials will make the gold jewelry tarnish?

Why did your gold jewelry tarnish

Some of the sweat is a waste and harmful substances in the human body. When these materials come into contact with silver and copper in gold cheap name bracelets jewelry, they will chemically react to produce silver chloride and copper sulfide, which will cause discoloration or fading of the jewelry.

When silver and copper in gold jewelry come into contact, it produces silver chloride and copper sulphide, and exhibits a deep black chemical salt. This chemical salt often falls from gold jewelry, contaminating the wearer's skin, leaving a very noticeable black stain on the skin.

Now cosmetics have become one of the indispensable "roles" in people's life. If it is applied to the skin of the gold custom pet necklace jewelry wearing part, it will undoubtedly provide opportunities for cosmetics containing chemical substances. The result can be imagined. Some cosmetics also contain some fine hard particles that will wear gold jewelry.

Regional environmental factors may also cause gold jewelry to lose its bright color. For example, in a dry area, the air contains more original fine dust, which will form a kind of “human body sandpaper” when it is contaminated with the human body. It can rid the gold custom dog necklace jewelry with extremely fine debris and local black stains. It is worth mentioning that the talcum powder or moisturizer also contains similar particles, which will also eclipse gold jewelry as mentioned above.

  • Do not touch with substances containing acid or alkali, otherwise the gold jewelry will be discolored and dim.
  • Do not contact oily household items, cosmetics containing mercury or lead, or daily necessities, otherwise the gold cheap name necklace jewelry will become dim or white.
  • Do not touch or rub with metal substances such as platinum, palladium, silver, lead, aluminum, tin, mercury, or the contact part will become white.

Gold jewelry maintenance

  • When the gold engraved photo necklace jewelry tarnished, or slightly dark and black, it can be wiped repeatedly with a soft cloth, and then washed with a neutral jewelry cleaner to restore color.
  • Jewelry cleaning cotton is also a good choice for cleaning gold jewelry. It not only protects the jewelry from pollution, but also makes it look like new.
  • When gold jewelry is seriously fading, it should be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaner or medicinal liquid in a professional cleaning and processing place.
  • After wearing, the gold ornaments often lose their luster due to the stains and dust. At this time, just put the gold ornaments in a neutral detergent and soak them in warm water, then take them out and wipe them dry.
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